Mazikeen (She/Her)

Mazakeen Headshot

Mazikeen (She/Her)

Canine Program Assistant


Mazikeen (Maze) is PCDP’s newest canine member of the team! Her primary role right now is Service Dog Training for her human, Victoria, our Program Coordinator. Her other roles include dreaming up a storm, driving Victoria crazy squeaking her toys, eating too many treats, and running around the office looking for ear scratches. Mazikeen was born in March 2023 in Crawford, CO at Rocky Mountain Dobermans Kennel. She is the daughter of “Ali G Betelges”, the Junior Champion of Serbia and 3rd European Doberman All Stars Grand Prix 2019, and “Aimen Dakar’s Gamora”, an AKC-certified Doberman Pinscher. In her free time, Mazikeen enjoys rolling in freshly cut grass, running her head into you for ear scratches, and chewing on her bones. Mazikeen also plans to pursue a certificate in Therapy Dog Training to assist her friends in the office and our scholars!


Certificate of Pedigree- American Kennel Club

Seeking her Certificate of Service Animal Training- Dog Training Elite