James "Alan" Flinn (He/Him)

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James "Alan" Flinn (He/Him)

Middle School Program Manager


James is the Middle School Program Manager for the Pre-Collegiate Program.  James started his journey to this position by serving for 23 years as a Forward Observer in the U.S Army.  During that time, he also served as the senior instructor at the leadership academy and eventually became the commandant.  This is when his love of teaching was kindled.  After retiring from the military, James went into education and has spent the past 14 years working at various grade levels as an elementary school teacher and an English language development teacher.  James is excited to be involved in the pre-collegiate program and working with students to help them become more successful.  In his free time, James enjoys hiking and camping with his family and spending as much time as possible on the ski slopes every season.


Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Regis University

Master's Degree in Teaching English Language Learners from Western Governors University