Scout (He/Him)

Scout Headshot

Scout (He/Him)

Canine Program Assistant


Scout is the Pre-Collegiate office’s first Canine Program Assistant. His primary duty is to accompany his owner and handler, Alan, who is the Middle School Program Manager. His other duties include seeking out scratches behind his ears, greeting people, delivering slightly drooled office supplies, and taking lots of naps. Scout was born in June 2019 in Marshalltown, IA at Hunter’s Point Kennel. He is the son of “Bear”, a 4X Grand Master Pointing Retriever & AKC Senior Hunter, and “Ruby” a certified APLA Pointing Retriever. Shortly after birth, Scout was acquired by an organization called, “Labs for Liberty”, a non-profit organization headquartered in Morgan, UT, whose mission is to acknowledge, honor, and empower members of the United States Special Operations Forces by providing service dogs for PTSD and physical needs. Scout completed L4L’s year-long, intense program of instruction in their Service Dog Training Program and minored in Therapy Dog training.  Scout graduated from the program in June 2020.  In May 2021, Scout proudly received his Kindergarten Graduation Diploma from Pikes Peak Elementary School, Harrison School District 2, in Colorado Springs, CO. In his free time, Scout enjoys hiking with his family, chasing tennis balls, finding large sticks to carry, and jumping into any water or snow he can find. Scout also occasionally spends time together with his half-brother, “Woobie”, who also lives in Colorado Springs with his handler who is a police officer for the Colorado Springs Police Department.


Certificate of Pedigree, American Kennel Club

Certificate of Service Animal Training, Labs for Liberty -

Kindergarten Graduation Diploma, Pikes Peak Elementary School