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The Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP) at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is a system-wide, institutionally funded academic program for college-bound high school students. It is designed to motivate and prepare first generation students in pursuit of their higher educational goals. PCDP is structured to ensure that students are academically prepared to enroll in and be successful at UCCS, the University of Colorado system or any other postsecondary institution of the students' choice. 

PCDP offers students opportunities to explore five academic and career pathways: Business, Education & Human Services, Engineering & Technology, Health, and Humanities & Arts. The pathway that a student selects will structure their participation in the Program. Summer Dual Enrollment courses, College Experience workshops, and community engagement opportunities are designed around pathway-specific interests and information.

Pre-Collegiate Development Program High School Student Handbook


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