Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching


Transition Coaching Workshops are opportunities for Pre-Collegiate high school students to learn and practice skills related to academic success (for example: time management, note-taking, and SAT test prep). Workshops may also cover concepts and skills related to life during and after college, for instance, budgeting, communication, and leadership.  

Transition Coaching Workshops are designed to meet the unique needs of students in each high school grade level. For example, Senior workshops have focused on the selecting best-fit colleges, applying for scholarships, and social-emotional transition to college. 

Workshop information and activities are created under the supervision of Pre-Collegiate professional staff, and often in collaboration with campus and community partners. Transition Coaching workshops are facilitated by a team of Transition Coaches. 

Who are Transition Coaches?
Transition Coaches are current UCCS undergraduate students who serve as peer mentors for Pre-Collegiate Scholars. Transition Coaches study a variety of majors in disciplines ranging from engineering to education to criminal justice. These undergraduate students draw upon their diverse backgrounds and experiences to provide guidance to Pre-Collegiate Scholars preparing for college.

Throughout the academic year, Transition Coaches facilitate Transition Coaching Workshops, where Pre-Collegiate high school students learn more about topics related to college preparation and academic success. During the yearly Pre-Collegiate Summer Academic Institute, Transition Coaches provide academic support and mentorship to students in dual enrollment classes, conducting group mentoring sessions and individual conferences with Pre-Collegiate Scholars.

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Pre-Collegiate Student Feedback
Class of 2020
“[I liked] the engaging conversation about what we expected from college and what types of education can help fit those desires. I also enjoyed the ability to share out after researching types of colleges and learn from each other.”