About Us

About the Pre-Collegiate Program

The Pre-Collegiate Program

The Pre-Collegiate Support and Success Center (PCSSC) is an academic and social-emotional enrichment program for prioritized middle and high school students in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. We prepare first-generation, low-income, and military-dependent students to pursue their postsecondary goals.  

Our Objectives

Pre-Collegiate Learning Objectives for Scholars and Families

  1. Students will harness academic skills and success strategies.  
  2. Students will know & advocate for themselves.  
  3. Students will develop & demonstrate life skills.  
  4. Families will be equipped with knowledge and support in helping their scholars navigate the PCSSC objectives & their post-secondary journey.  
  5. Students will describe & explore educational systems, their post-secondary options, and how to navigate & pursue opportunities. 

We work primarily with schools in the Colorado Springs area but also serve most rural schools in El Paso County. We also work in Pueblo. 

Scholars are recruited in 7th to 11th grade and can participate in the program through high school graduation. We expect a multi-year commitment. Our program is offered at no cost to participants. 


PCSSC Mission Statement

Pre-Collegiate champions and cultivates an equitable and welcoming community for scholars and families. We collaboratively create space for youth to explore, dream, and achieve postsecondary and career opportunities through mentorship, expanding personal and life skills, and utilizing a growth mindset. Pre-Collegiate advocates for inclusive practices at UCCS, partnering organizations, and in the workforce.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Vision

We endorse a belief that our differences make us better educators, researchers, and community advocates. To do so, we cultivate a professional atmosphere that equips students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to lead critical conversations, create inclusive and equitable environments, and guide public service processes with the knowledge and confidence to address and empower a public that represents the full spectrum of human experience.

Alongside the principles and practice of equity, diversity, and inclusion, the Pre-Collegiate Program promotes empathetic action and compassionate dialogue within and beyond the walls of our physical space.

Vision Statement

We encourage each other to explore, dream, and achieve.


We accomplish our mission through monthly, after-school on-campus workshops led by college students and professional staff where scholars learn about college preparation and success, soft skills, and self-advocacy; and engage in career exploration. During our Summer Academic Institute in June, students participate in dual enrollment college credit courses, math and writing preparation, community service, and career fairs. Through our quarterly College Experience Program, they visit different types of college campuses while learning what makes each one unique.  

Families are an influential and valuable resource in their scholars’ pursuit of secondary and post-secondary opportunities. Families of Pre-Collegiate scholars have opportunities to participate in sessions to help support scholars throughout the year.  We host quarterly Family Support Workshops and other events for families to become a stronger resource in helping their scholars navigate the journey from middle school, through high school and into college.  

Family Support Workshop topics include information and advice regarding college and career choices, financial aid, applying for scholarships, social-emotional support, and tips to support scholars with academic success. We also regularly solicit ideas from families for additional content.