Summer Academic Institute

Summer Academic Institute


Each June, the UCCS campus is bustling with Pre-Collegiate high school students participating in the Summer Academic Institute (SAI) at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. During the SAI, Pre-Collegiate students participate in dual enrollment courses, math preparation workshops, skill development workshops, and community engagement, all while getting the opportunity to connect with other students from around the Pikes Peak and Pueblo region. Many of the learning opportunities during the SAI are arranged around student pathways, including dual enrollment courses, workshops, and field trips. 

Pre-Collegiate students work closely with Academic and Transition Coaches throughout their time in the Program, and this peer support is an especially key component to student success during the SAI. The Coaches are undergraduate and graduate students who support Pre-Collegiate high school students with their classroom assignments, professional development, and developing essential skills for college readiness. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Summer Academic Institute (SAI)?
When is the SAI offered?
Where is the SAI held?
What is the Summer Academic Institute (SAI)?
How long is the time commitment for students each summer?
What does a typical day in the SAI look like?
Am I required to participate in the SAI each year?
What is the cost to students to participate?
Is the SAI a residential program? Do students stay in residence halls (dorms)?
Is transportation provided to UCCS?
Can I park anywhere on campus during the SAI?
Are meals provided?
How many college credits can I earn?
What courses are offered during SAI?
Do I have to purchase my textbooks?
How do I see my grades at the end of the summer?
If I receive academic accommodations in my high school classes, will I receive those same accommodations in my college classes?

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We would like to share our gratitude for the support and collaboration of our campus and community partners who have provided learning opportunities to Pre-Collegiate students during the SAI.